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Host: Zoom, check 1-2-3. Good afternoon everyone. We are so thrilled at the number of participants joining our Webinar today. Sit back, chill and hopefully, you will learn a lot from our Seminar today. Remember, a recorded version of this webinar will be made available on our Website and our YouTube channel.

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Teaser and Introductions:

Host: Good afternoon again. I hope you are all having a fine weekend. Its great to be back after a brief break celebrating the holiday and welcoming the year 2021. We are happy to share that the Media Civics Lab is now entering the phase 2 of our program of instilling media literacy to the youth. We wouldn’t have done it without your curious engagement and keen participation. So, join us in applauding you all.

The 2nd phase, as I’ve mentioned, will consist of a series of seminar workshops that will start today and run until the latter part of April. It will comprise of learning sessions, breakout rooms, presentations from partner organizations, and pre-assigned activities. The topics to be covered are Responsible Digital Citizenship, Media Literacy and Awareness, Fake News and Disinformation, Culture of Positive Participation, and Media and the Law.

I know it’s a lot to take it all in, but we guarantee you, it will be another round of fun learning and interaction, especially with the roster of resource persons, instructors and speakers that we have invited.

If Phase 1 brought in a lot of fun learning interactions, Phase 2 will be even better.

Playing of Media Civics Lab Highlights

Host: Let’s take a while to relive some of the best moments from the phase 1 of Media Civics Lab’s Media Literacy program by watching some reels of our past webinars and online sessions.

Introduction of Speaker, Janette Toral

Host: Our guest speaker is one of most distinguish social media expert we have today. She is so accomplished that she’s got her own Wikipedia biography.

Her Wiki bio describes her as a Filipino practicing e-commerce, social media, and Internet marketing specialist. She is also a facilitator, blogger, policy lobbyist, business and social entrepreneur, educator, researcher, writer, ambassador, community leader, and business leader. She has been dubbed as the “mother of e-commerce law in the Philippines.

We are blessed to be showered with her expertise about the new media throughout our Media Civics Lab program. Once again, here to share her knowledge, Miss Janette Toral.

By the way; If you have any questions or clarifications during the talk of Miss Toral, feel free to send it to us. We shall get back to them right after the presentation. If by any chance you miss on some important points, worry not as we will give you a link to the Webinar video after.

Question and Answer:

Thank you very much Janette Toral. I hope you all enjoyed her very interesting talk and presentation.

Now, Miss Toral will answer some questions that you sent to us during the presentation. Well, you can still send more if you want to clarify something.

So, the first question is:

Awarding of Certificate to Ms. Janette Toral

Host: To show our appreciation for Ms. Janette Toral’s generosity of her time and keen sharing of knowledge to out participants, here is a certificate citing her contributions to the on-going advocacy of Media Civics Lab of promoting media literacy in the country.

Breakout Rooms (c/o FMA)

Introduction to Digital Citizenship by Facebook Philippines

Host: From now on moving forward, expect to hear the term “Digital Citizenship” from our series of Webinars. You might ask what is all about? Well, to know more about it, here are our friends from none other than, Facebook Philippines to explain what Digital Citizenship is all about.

Awarding of Certificate to Facebook Philippines

Host: To show our gratefulness to all the support given by Facebook Philippines, we award them this certificate of appreciation. 

Workshop Session on Digital Citizenship by EngageMedia

Host: Before we start our session on Digital Citizenship to be discussed by our friends from EngageMedia, we would like to share a little tidbit about EngageMedia.

EngageMedia is a not-for-profit Video for Change organization that was co-founded by Anna Helme and Andrew Lowenthal in March 2005. The organization focuses on creating social change through the distribution of human rights and environmental video, media and technology capacity building, research, network development and digital rights advocacy.

EngageMedia works with independent film-makers, journalists, technologists, campaigners, and social movements to generate wider audiences for stories of social change, to intervene in the public discourse, and to move people to action.

Closing and Final Reminders Host: It’s a wrap but not totally, as we are just starting the next part of our journey. Media Civics Lab once again thank you all for participating and engaging in another session of knowledge-sharing. We hope to see you again in our next Webinar and the next one and the next one. Thank you all and have a good night and a wonderful weekend.

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