ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme 2022

The Break the Fake Movement is proud to support the ASEAN Foundation’s new initiative called ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme, which was launched to further combat misinformation and disinformation in the region. With the support of a US$ 1.5 million grant from, Google’s philanthropic arm, the ASEAN Foundation will lead the implementation of the two-year program, equipping 1,000+ trainers across ten ASEAN countries with media and information literacy skills who will in turn train 100,000+ end beneficiaries.

ASEAN Foundation, with support from, Google’s philanthropic arm, officially announced the ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme on 28 October in conjunction with Media and Information Literacy week. This program aims to strengthen the digital literacy skills of ASEAN citizens, transforming them into agents of change that can combat online misinformation and disinformation.

Commenting on why they chose to fund this specific program,’s Lead for APAC Marija Ralic, indicated that “At, we are always looking for gaps where we can make a real difference in impacted communities. UNESCO identified media literacy as key in fostering critical thinking, respect for cultural diversity, and open dialogue in the Asia Pacific region. But they also observed that one of the biggest hurdles to properly implementing media literacy education at scale was the lack of teacher training. That’s why we chose to support the ASEAN Foundation to fund “train the trainer” programs across the region to help deliver digital and media literacy to as many people as possible.”

In the implementation of the program, the ASEAN Foundation will work with local implementing partners in ten ASEAN countries to develop a tailor-made training curriculum and deliver them to the local trainers. 

In the Philippines, the Break the Fake Movement will be one of the local implementing partners that will deliver the training to at least 70 master trainers nationwide and equip them with enough skills in media and information literacy, and critical thinking. The Break the Fake Movement’s program will run for 12 months, leveraging the Media Civics Lab curriculum, delivering a Training of Trainers program, to enable the trainers to conduct their training and media interventions in different communities.

With this, we are looking for Master Trainers who can help us amplify our impact and develop more than 10,000 Filipinos to become digital literate.

✔️ Open to educators, community leaders, and/or trainers who have experience teaching to underserved sectors such as the youth, PWDs, and elderly

✔️ Ensuring equity & inclusion: Young people who, because of gender, disability, health status, care status, ethnicity, refugee status/statelessness, sexual orientation, or family income can face marginalization and be excluded from decision making.

✔️ Champion/advocate: Young people with experience in advocating or championing digital literacy will be prioritized for engagement.

✔️ Lived experiences: Young people that can bring their lived experiences into their advocacy

✔️ Online presence: Young people that are active on social media, and if possible, have good following

✔️ Proficient in English, Tagalog, and/or local language

✔️ Must be aged 18 years old and above

✔️Geographical representation: Must be based in the Philippines

Interested participants must be willing to:

What will you gain?

  • Attend and complete the Train the Trainers (ToT) 2-Day Workshop on the last week of June
  • Train at least 100 underserved individuals in their local community
  • Commit to attend mentoring sessions and monthly checkins for monitoring of progress 
  • Receive the media toolkits from Break the Fake Movement and support local training co-organized by Break the Fake Movement
  • Encourage trainees to share what they learned with their friends and family
  • Opportunity to network with fellow Master Trainers 
  • Opportunity to learn more about media literacy and gain first-hand knowledge to combat misinformation and disinformation through the Train-the-Training (ToT) Workshop conducted by media literacy experts in the country
  • Unique kits, books, and merchandise for ADLP Master Trainers 
  • Training expenses subsidy for your training sessions in your locality
  • Unlimited access to Media Civics Lab modules on media and information literacy 

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