Break the Fake Vlogathon 2020

Vlogathon 2020 main goal is to spread awareness on the harmful effects of fake news to its target audiences. It is mainly comprised of youth leaders, social media influencers and bloggers who are ready to take on a stand in this pressing issue. Vlogathon is part of the Break The Fake Movement. It is An Independent Alliance of Young Professionals Committed to Fighting Against Fake News.


The purpose of the project is to spread awareness on the issue of fake news. Unify different voices and strengthen the organization’s membership pipeline. And to set the stage for the hackathon or any other bigger event in the future. In other words, the bigger goal is to mainstream the conversation about fake news and make sure that we spread awareness about the issue. In which the activity is about awareness talks, blogging marathon, and lightning talks.

Expected Outcome

Our expected outcomes are the following. First, the participants should gain more knowledge about the issue of fake news and take responsibility in exercising proper social media behavior. Second, we will be able to increase our membership base in Break the Fake Movement after the event. Third or lastly, we will be able to have good multimedia content out from the produced blogs. To sum up, this will be use for content generation in spreading our advocacy through different platforms.

More Info About Vlogathon 2020

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